Snyk User Documentation


Install snyk

Run the following command from a local terminal:

{% tabs %} {% tab title="npm" %}

npm install -g snyk

{% endtab %}

{% tab title="Linux/Mac" %}

brew tap snyk/tap brew install snyk

{% endtab %}

{% tab title="Windows" %}

scoop bucket add snyk scoop install snyk

{% endtab %} {% endtabs %}

Authenticate your machine

A Snyk account is required to authenticate, sign-up for free. Check our plans page for free tier plan information.

snyk auth

Analyze and test your dependencies

Navigate into your code’s directory and run:

snyk monitor

After scanning your project, you'll be given a URL where you can see the results.

Next steps

Scan projects, prioritize vulnerabilities, fix issues and get back to development.


See an opportunity for us to improve our documentation? Open an issue against our User Docs GitHub repo, and we'll be in touch, or contact Snyk Support.