Pre-order the Writer’s Guide to Drupal 8/9 right here!

Here’s a list of some of the things covered in the $7.99 Ebook:

  • Quick intro to Drupal
  • Fields, displays, and you
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JS (learn the lingo)
  • How to get what you need and what you want

We’ll also walk you through:

  • Logging in and publishing content
  • Organizing your work
  • CKEditor and why it’s important
  • Embedding content
  • Filesystems and finding your stuff

Do you have meetings with Developers and wonder how to get your requests across, listened to, and delivered? We help you learn to translate those requests:

  • The secret to requesting anything from developers and designers
  • Understanding their end when it comes to speed, cost, and difficulty

This will give you the resources you need to become a competent and flexible Content Manager on Drupal 8 and 9 websites.

Pre-order the Drupal 8/9 Content Management Handbook for $7.99!